Alternative Marketing Access is a multi-service consulting firm, which for 30 years has provided more than 200 clients with expert, professional advice. AMA began as a financial development firm working to strengthen the institutional capacity of public and private organizations (both in the United States and abroad), and currently provides comprehensive expertise in strategic planning, institutional development, issue advocacy and representation, educational services, communications, and public relations.

AMA's most recent projects have been in the areas of planning, financial and management development, technical assistance, organizational development, and marketing.

Beyond the knowledge and experience devoted to each client, AMA believes an important factor in providing assistance to any organization is the professional manner in which it is delivered. In this regard, AMA is guided by the following:

  • Furnishing assistance only when invited to do so
  • Providing assistance in such a manner that the client's staff is strengthened
  • Basing plans and strategies on the most current information available
  • Always being accessible to the client.